DPC Cookout Highlights

dpalternateslide4This past weekend was DPC’s second Launch Team Gathering with a Cookout. 55 people joined us and we want to say thanks to everyone who came out. It was a blast connecting with one another, watching the kids play, eating, and the serious competition on the volleyball court!

Thanks to everyone who invited friends/family and those that helped us setup/take down!

These are “History Making Moments” for our church and we know God has so many incredible things in store for our DPC family. This is the time to plug in and run after Jesus with all of your heart!

Let’s share the greatest news on Earth to our city. News that “Jesus loves them, died for their sin, and desires to fulfill their life with great purpose”

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The best is yet to come DPC!



Home for Destiny Pointe Church

Picture1Destiny Pointe Church Family & Friends,

We have news that is a game changing, momentum building, and history making for our church! We have officially contracted and finalized the place to host our weekly gatherings for 2014!

Destiny Pointe Church will host all our gatherings next year at the Hilton Garden Conference Center. Our official launch date is Sunday, February 9th @ 10:30 am. We are right around the corner from impacting our city for Jesus like never before!

IMG_6888IMG_6887IMG_7065                                    Hilton Garden Conference Center (outside)

Lobby Space

The Hilton Garden Conference Center is located on the northeast side of Columbia, right off of interstate 63 and Vandiver Drive exit (next door to the Bass Pro Shop).

The Hilton Garden Conference Center is a beautiful space with great accommodations for us to have worship and ministry for the whole family.

Here are a few things that stand out about this space: it’s beautiful inside and out, very clean, great parking, spacious & “classy” restrooms, large lobby for connecting, easy access off the interstate, and much more!

Key Things Taking Place Right Now:
As I write this on October 19th,  we have nearly 60 people connected to the vision of DPC and part of the Launch Team.

Launch Team Gatherings consists of strategy meetings & fellowship with our church family in various settings. This strategy enables us to connect, build our team, and get ready to launch “healthy” right off the start.

You can get connected in several ways right now!
1. If you live near Columbia, and desire to join our Launch Team, contact us!
pastorjoshdpc@yahoo.com   www.destinypointe.com    FB: Destiny Pointe Church

2. We need our friends and family to pray for DPC daily.

3. We need Servant Volunteers. We are developing specific teams to serve our community that will experience DPC for the first time on Launch Day.

4. Sow financially into DPC…we are not a money hungry church nor manipulative in the money area. We are missional and realize it takes finances to accomplish certain tasks. God has principles in His Word on tithing, giving, sowing. It’s His idea not ours 🙂
God desires Kingdom minded people who will sow financially into ministries that are reaching people. Your seed will be more than appreciated and will enable us to reach the spiritual lost and hurting in our city.

We are in the ARC Churches Network which has given us approval to plant under their umbrella and are willing to match up to $30,000.00 that we raise. We are in the process of raising this budget. Please pray about what God may have you sow into DPC.

Connect here if you desire to sow financially. Again we thank you.

We are so excited about what God is doing. You and your family are on the verge of stepping into a brand new realm and season of God-Purpose!


Josh & Jennifer Palmer
Lead Pastors
Destiny Pointe Church


Exciting News for DPC

arcToday is a very special day for Destiny Pointe Church. We are in Birmingham, Alabama at the headquarters of ARC (Association of Related Churches) and have been fully approved to be in the ARC Network. ARC is one of the leading church planting associations with hundreds of churches across the United States. Receiving our approval consisted of many assessments, referrals, and interviews with the ARC Staff for nearly the past year. With their sanction, we have the backing, encouragement, and the coaching to make a greater impact in our city of Columbia, Missouri.

Here are a few key words that stand out to us being connected with ARC: approval, encouragement, support, endorsement, coaching, mentoring, accountability

Destiny Pointe Church family; take a couple of minutes and checkout a few of these links. These are just a few of the leading ARC Churches in America that are impacting their cities with the message of Jesus Christ.


www.arcchurches.com    www.celebration.org    www.turningpointcn.com

www.churchofthehighlands.com    www.thecausekc.com

DPC is a non-denominational church that has five ministry overseers. ARC is another covering that will come along side to bring insight and strength. To receive their endorsement is a great honor and privilege. There are many heroes and spiritual generals connected to ARC and we are excited join them.

We are ready to make Jesus famous in our community, reach the spiritually lost, and bring hope to those seeking fulfillment only found in our Savior.

Let’s set our hearts towards the mission of God like never before. Pray, get involved, sow, and get ready to step into a fresh season of purpose! It’s going to be AMAZING!

Much Love,

Pastor Josh & Jennifer Palmer

Reminder: Our COOKOUT is taking place Sunday, October 20th @ 12:30 pm at COSMO Park. Don’t miss this opportunity to plug in, connect, fellowship, and get into the flow of life at DPC. It’s going to be a great day of fun, food, and fellowship. We want you to invite everyone you know to join us and we will make history once again!

Disney’s 7 Guest Service Guidelines

Walt-Disney-World-FloridaMany of our friends and family members are fully aware that Jennifer and I are “crazy” about taking our kids to Disney World! We seriously love seeing our kids light up as they meet the characters. We’ve laughed, literally cried, and start planning for our trip for the next summer while we are driving home from the current trip.

I love the atmosphere in Disney because they make you feel like a billion dollars.disneyus
Their theme throughout the park about “Dreaming” and the way they make you feel is over the top incredible. Jennifer and I share with one another quite often about how we desire to create a culture “where your God Dream will come true” at Destiny Pointe Church.

Also we desire to be the friendliest and most loving place in all of Columbia. It will start with making people feel like they matter because they actually do! Every person no matter where they came from, what color they are, or what side of the tracks they were raised. We will help create an atmosphere of love and a place where people see and feel the heart of Jesus.

Back to the Disney thing; here are the 7 Guest Service Guidelines Disney gives ALL of their employees. Let’s create a place where people can dream and feel important!


1. Be Happy…make eye contact and smile!
2. Be like Sneezy…welcome every guest. “Spread” the spirit of hospitality!
3. Don’t be Bashful…seek out guest contact!
4. Be like Doc…provide immediate service recovery!
5. Don’t be Grumpy…always display appropriate body language at all times!
6. Be like Sleepy…create dreams and preserve the magical guest experience!
7. Don’t be Dopey…thank each and every guest!