Exciting News for DPC

arcToday is a very special day for Destiny Pointe Church. We are in Birmingham, Alabama at the headquarters of ARC (Association of Related Churches) and have been fully approved to be in the ARC Network. ARC is one of the leading church planting associations with hundreds of churches across the United States. Receiving our approval consisted of many assessments, referrals, and interviews with the ARC Staff for nearly the past year. With their sanction, we have the backing, encouragement, and the coaching to make a greater impact in our city of Columbia, Missouri.

Here are a few key words that stand out to us being connected with ARC: approval, encouragement, support, endorsement, coaching, mentoring, accountability

Destiny Pointe Church family; take a couple of minutes and checkout a few of these links. These are just a few of the leading ARC Churches in America that are impacting their cities with the message of Jesus Christ.


www.arcchurches.com    www.celebration.org    www.turningpointcn.com

www.churchofthehighlands.com    www.thecausekc.com

DPC is a non-denominational church that has five ministry overseers. ARC is another covering that will come along side to bring insight and strength. To receive their endorsement is a great honor and privilege. There are many heroes and spiritual generals connected to ARC and we are excited join them.

We are ready to make Jesus famous in our community, reach the spiritually lost, and bring hope to those seeking fulfillment only found in our Savior.

Let’s set our hearts towards the mission of God like never before. Pray, get involved, sow, and get ready to step into a fresh season of purpose! It’s going to be AMAZING!

Much Love,

Pastor Josh & Jennifer Palmer

Reminder: Our COOKOUT is taking place Sunday, October 20th @ 12:30 pm at COSMO Park. Don’t miss this opportunity to plug in, connect, fellowship, and get into the flow of life at DPC. It’s going to be a great day of fun, food, and fellowship. We want you to invite everyone you know to join us and we will make history once again!

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