Disney’s 7 Guest Service Guidelines

Walt-Disney-World-FloridaMany of our friends and family members are fully aware that Jennifer and I are “crazy” about taking our kids to Disney World! We seriously love seeing our kids light up as they meet the characters. We’ve laughed, literally cried, and start planning for our trip for the next summer while we are driving home from the current trip.

I love the atmosphere in Disney because they make you feel like a billion dollars.disneyus
Their theme throughout the park about “Dreaming” and the way they make you feel is over the top incredible. Jennifer and I share with one another quite often about how we desire to create a culture “where your God Dream will come true” at Destiny Pointe Church.

Also we desire to be the friendliest and most loving place in all of Columbia. It will start with making people feel like they matter because they actually do! Every person no matter where they came from, what color they are, or what side of the tracks they were raised. We will help create an atmosphere of love and a place where people see and feel the heart of Jesus.

Back to the Disney thing; here are the 7 Guest Service Guidelines Disney gives ALL of their employees. Let’s create a place where people can dream and feel important!


1. Be Happy…make eye contact and smile!
2. Be like Sneezy…welcome every guest. “Spread” the spirit of hospitality!
3. Don’t be Bashful…seek out guest contact!
4. Be like Doc…provide immediate service recovery!
5. Don’t be Grumpy…always display appropriate body language at all times!
6. Be like Sleepy…create dreams and preserve the magical guest experience!
7. Don’t be Dopey…thank each and every guest!

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