DPC Core Pillars 1-4


Our Core Pillars will be the heartbeat and the essence of who we are as a church. DPC will strive to create a culture that displays the Core Pillars in everything we do, say, and believe!



We believe in “Family”- At Destiny Pointe Church we feel that God has called us to strategically reach, nurture, & disciple families. We have a global vision and a family focus. We will minister to every family and every individual family member.

We believe in the “Next Generation” – At Destiny Pointe Church we will sacrifice, pray, and do whatever we have to do to raise the next generation of believers. We are crazy about kids and teens and will strive to help them discover their true destiny’s in Christ.

We believe in “Reaching the Unsaved” At Destiny Pointe Church our focus goes far beyond the walls of our church. Though we celebrate our church family and promote our fellowship within, our heart is always turned towards those who have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ. Whether it be those around the world or those around the block, our heart is to reach them with the Grace message of Jesus Christ.

We believe in the “Church”At Destiny Pointe Church we believe that the church is the greatest force upon the face of the earth. We believe that the church is not buildings but believers. Therefore we will not forsake our gathering together and connecting with God and with one another. Instead of seeing church as something that only serves its people, church becomes people who serve God, one another, and a hurting world.