I have been preaching a series the past few weeks called, “Dream Big.” God is an extravagant God and He is a dreamer Himself. He has created you with purpose and the “dreamer” is in your God-DNA. As we follow Him with our whole hearts, obey, and follow His leading and wisdom, we can live the dream. We have the opportunity when He is the center of our lives to “hold in our hands that which we see in our heart.”

Here are a few nuggets that I have been preaching…

  1. You must “SEE IT”
  2. You must “SPEAK IT”
  3. You must “SEED IT”
  4. You must “STEWARD IT”
  5. You must not “SETTLE HALFWAY”
  6. You must not “SELL IT OUT”

SEE IT… write it down and make it plain.

SPEAK IT… life and death are in the power of the tongue

SEED IT… it will take time, talent and treasure but if you seed it, He can then exceed it

STEWARD IT…smart management is key to see your dream live and flourish

DON’T SETTLE..as we are called to be content we must also not settle for less than God’s best

DON’T SELL OUT YOUR DREAM….don’t trade your future for a temporary fix/feeling





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