Fasting Tips Day #3

21daysoffastinglogoFasting is a spiritual exercise found throughout scripture. Great men and women of God fasted at different points in their lives and ministries and the results were breakthroughs, answers, strategies, and a closer walk with God. Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Esther, Daniel,& Jesus all fasted. I’m sure fasting was a routine often exercised by these powerful men and women of God who saw mighty moves of the spirit in their journey.

See fasting is simply pushing something away (often it’s food) to spend that extra time with God and in His Word. It is saying “no” to the flesh and putting a focus on the spirit man within us. Fasting is actually feasting! When we say “no” to the routine and spend more time with God we began to feed the spirit which becomes more sensitive to God’s voice and heartbeat. I remember a season I needed absolute direction! I needed some answers and I wrote down my questions to God. I went on a 21 Day Fast and God supernaturally answered all my questions during that time. One answer came through the preacher. Another from a Christian book I was reading at the time. Another came in my heart while I was praying. One morning, I was reading the Bible and the answer was right before me. Fasting unlocks spiritual doors for answers and insight.

As you fast and seek the Lord you begin to get the “cutting edge” anointing flowing in your life. For example; one who cuts down trees (especially in the old days) would have to take time to stop and sharpen his axe to keep sharp to make greater impact. The time spent sharpening the axe would actually save him time in the long run trying to cut down and log trees with a dull axe. Fasting with praying is sharpening your spirit. It’s taking time and sacrificing to become more keen to the things of the spirit.

As you continue to fast, I want to remind you that you are digging a ditch and God will fill it! What is it that you are needing God to do? What area of you life do you need the grace of God to overshadow you? As you fast, have faith to know that God sees and hears! Your breakthrough is on the way!

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