baptismpromoGood Evening DPC,

We pray this day has been filled with many blessings. Without a doubt the Lord loves you and is with you!

Reminder: On Friday, February 6th, we will be hosting our first Water Baptism at 7 pm. Christian Fellowship has graciously opened their doors to allow us to baptize in their facilities.

This night is designed for our entire church to attend. We desire you to be there to either be baptized or celebrate with you brothers/sisters who are being baptized. This is going to be a beautiful and special moment for our church and those being baptized. Don’t Miss It!


Christian Fellowship
4600 Christian Fellowship Rd
Columbia, MO 65203

Common Questions:

  1. What should I wear? It will be best to wear a pair of shorts and a t­-shirt. Be mindful to wear “dark” clothes that you won’t be embarrassed with see-through attire 🙂
  2. Will I be able to change after I’m baptized? Yes, there are rooms located at Christian Fellowship near the Baptistry. There will be a Men’s Room and a Ladies Room
  3. Should I wear my clothes that I’m being baptized in to the service? That is up to you. You will have time to change before if you desire.
  4. What time should I arrive? If you are being baptized or any of your children, please arrive at 6:45pm so you will have time to change before the service begins
  5. What will be the format of the service? Our congregation will be seated in the sanctuary and observe each person being baptized (which is at the back of the platform at Christian Fellowship. We will have music in the background and a time for those being baptized to share their story (if they desire).




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