dpcshotI am living a God birthed dream! My wife and I are three weeks into our first church plant, Destiny Pointe Church in Columbia, Missouri. We moved to our city over a year ago and didn’t know a single person in our town. Thus far, we have had 30 people make commitments to Christ in our three week existence! I’m blown away by God’s goodness.

After a few months of Launch Team meetings and three weeks of Sunday worship experiences, I realize a few things that make the dream come alive:

  • You need people in love with the “bus” and not a particular “seat” on the bus
  • You need people who will do little things
  • Doing little things with great passion opens up doors for bigger things
  • Your setup team are radical people
  • Say “Thank You” as much as you can to your team. It’s never enough!
  • Behind the scenes people will receive great rewards in Heaven
  • Love your team/volunteers, they believed in your dream before they saw it manifest
  • The “I will do anything you need people” deserve Gold Medals
  • Vacumming floors and taking out the trash are portals of great anointing
  • Those who minister to kids have the heart of Jesus
  • Nursery work is ministry not babysitting. You are impacting their lives more than you know
  • Enjoy the Journey. Have fun. Laugh and let God lead this thing!

Jennifer and I have been blessed with an amazing team that jump in there and get it done. I will never be able to share in words how much I love our DPC families and volunteers!

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