Personality Type “D”

HAPPY-PEOPLE-iStockI’ve recently taken a Personality Profile test for ARC (Association of Related Churches), which is a step in the process of planting our church in Columbia, Missouri. I’ve come across some interesting things about the four personality types and the effectiveness and weaknesses of each one. As a church planter, placing volunteers on ministry teams is a huge goal and challenge! Placing the right person in the right area can cause that particular area/team to excel. However placing the wrong personality type in an area of ministry not fit for them can be a detriment to the team, people being served, and the overall ministry.

I will be writing four blogs about the four personality types and the pros & cons of each. Also, we will share the areas in each personality category that typically needs growth, correction, and help. Realize that each personality type possesses both great strengths and weaknesses. Our personality type can be very beneficial and yet offensive/drag if not tempered overall by the Spirit of God.

This is from the Personality Profile I recently have taken. These are not my thoughts or opinions. I have highlighted key words that stood out to me though.

Personality Type “D” – Dominant, Direct, Task Oriented, Decisive, Outspoken
“D”s are direct and decisive; they are risk takers and problem solvers. They are more concerned with completing tasks and winning than they are with gaining approval from people. Though the internal drive tends to make them insensitive to those around them, “D”s are not afraid to challenge the status quo, and they thrive when it comes to developing new things. They need discipline to excel, and they respond to direct confrontation. The greatest fear of a “D” is to be taken advantage of, and even despite their possible weaknesses—which include an aversion to routine, a tendency to overstep authority, and argumentative nature, and a habit of taking on too much—they place a high value on time and use their innovative thinking to accomplish difficult tasks and conquer challenges.


A. Strive to listen to other people more attentively
B. Try to be less controlling and domineering
C. Develop a greater appreciation for the opinions, feelings, and desires of others
D. Put more energy into personal relationships
E. Show your support for the other team members
F. Make sure you stay in your lane and don’t overstep
G. Be sure to not over-talk others or dominate the conversation
H. Be careful that you don’t come across as a rude & brash person
I. Be sure to not get involved in business and conversations that don’t pertain to you
J. Don’t come across offensive just because you are “right” in a situation

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