DPC Core Pillars 5-8

pillarsnews.jpgHere are our Core Pillars for Destiny Pointe Church 5-8. You can see 1-4 in the previous post. Our Core Pillars will be the heartbeat of our church, the essence of who we are and will be! www.destinypointe.com

We believe in “Discipleship”- At Destiny Pointe Church we strive to challenge every believer to grow and become committed Disciples of Christ. Each believer is expected to position themselves for spiritual growth and to grow themselves in the things of Christ.

We believe in being “United under the Visionary” – At Destiny Pointe Church we know that this ministry is built upon the vision that God has given Pastors Josh & Jennifer. United, we will work, sacrifice, and support the vision of the leadership team of DPC.

We believe in the “Simple”- At Destiny Pointe Church we believe in being simple, strategic, innovative & functional in our approach to ministry. It is our belief that it is the message-not the method-that is sacred. We believe that simple enables excellence. Simple doesn’t mean “easy” but “focus.” We will strive for simple strategies to have the greatest impact in our community and world.

We believe in “Leadership that Empowers”– At Destiny Pointe Church we believe in empowering every person in the body for ministry and that each Christian has a ministry. We don’t want to just use people as ‘helpers’, but help people discover areas in which they are called by God and empower them to do God’s will.

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